Residential Intruder Alarm Systems


All our Alarm Systems can be tailored to your exact requirements, like this average bungalow using three PIR's (passive infra red detectors) a digital keypad operated control panel and an external siren unit. Giving adequate protection and Peace of Mind to the owner/occupier.

GCS Euro Mini Control Panel is suited for Small to Medium residential installations, having up to 10 input Circuits, for connection of contacts and detectors etc. This Control Panel is only suitable for grade 2x audible only installations. But they can be connected to a speech dialler for personal communication should it be required. For more information click the Speech dialer button.



This larger three story home uses part setting features to protect the ground floor whilst asleep upstairs, larger installations of this type would use multi zone control panels having English text  descriptions for ease of identification. This type of installation would have additional remote keypads, perhaps one in the bedroom making it easy to arm and disarm the ground floor when upstairs. Also smoke detectors, giving Fire protection can also be added to this type of installation. This type of system can also be remote monitored for Police response. For more information on monitoring click the (Monitoring) button.