ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

The P362 is a versatile member of the industry-leading number plate cameras and illuminators from PIPS Technology. Providing image capture and scene illumination in one package, the P362 is ideally suited for mobile or portable applications due to its compact size. The unit contains a monochrome infrared CCD camera surrounded by an illuminator comprised of an array of infrared LEDs. As an option, the P362 can be supplied with an integrated colour overview camera with independent focal length settings.

Benefits of the P362 include:

  • Reliable performance at vehicle speeds up to 155 mph
  • Use of patented “multi-flash” camera capture technology
  • Ability to capture the number plate while capturing a colour overview image of the vehicle associated with the number plate
  • Ability to capture quality images in a variety of lighting settings
  • Single package design offering ease of installation and maintenance
  • Extremely reliable – built on PIPS Technology’s sound engineering design that has supplied over 9000 camera units around the world