Access Control Maintenance

Maintenance contracts on Access Control and Door Entry Systems can only be calculated on each individual system as there are literally hundreds of different systems currently being used. These range from simple audio/video door entry systems, to extremely complex systems such as card swipe, proximity readers, fingerprint scanners and voice recognition systems.

Many of these systems are also linked to computers controlling other remote sites, data logging all access activity.

Aspects that must be checked:

  • If the system operates correctly
  • Check locks for operation and are lubricated
  • Check Maglocks are not loose and make sure they are secure
  • Fit safety loops where required
  • Check door release when fire alarm activates where connected
  • Check timers for trade persons
  • Make sure speakers are all audible

So, whichever system you have, give us a call and we will design a maintenance plan to suit you.