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Announcing the "New" GCS Alarms Ltd Professional Wire Free Home Control App: Intruder Alarm System

This new edition packs an even bigger punch than its predecessor; and has all the same features of the standard system below plus a lot more:

The home control + panel can connect to your router either by using a lan module with a direct wired cable, or wireless by using a wifi module, once a connection is established you can download the App and control your panel from your mobile or tablet. The system will notify you of any alarm activations or problems and you can disarm/re-arm the system from your smart phone. This system also supports connection of CCTV cameras, providing live video footage to be viewed on your mobile, ideal to check on the children or elderly relatives.

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  • The standard detectors are a quad PIR having a range of up to 11metres covering an angle up to 90 deg there is also a pet friendly version available and a Dualtech version for harsh environments.
  • Door and window contacts can be supplied in either white (standard) or brown
  • There is a vibration/shock sensor available for fitting to door frames, walls ceilings etc.
  • There is also a good quality smoke detector and CO2 detector available
  • Now available: a remorte arming station, which is a wirless keypad that could be located up stairs or in an annex etc.
  • The battery life on this equipment has been tested and under normal use it was found to be 28 months using recommended lithium batteries, the main control panel is fitted with a rechargeable battery pack,which has a 5 year life expectancy.