CSL Dualcom

DualCom GPRS, from CSL DualCom Limited, is an intruder alarm signalling device that uses both the mobile network and your telephone and/or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed. CSL DualCom have pioneered a single hardware platform which fits every grade of security risk,right the way from Grade 2, 3 and 4 Security installations to the highest specification of Fire signalling grades.

The price of the product has been matched to the grade so that if you are installing for a Grade 2 specification you are not paying Grade 4 prices. DualCom’s unique GradeShift® technology means that the hardware platform remains unchanged so that there is one common product across all grades. Simply order the G2, G3, G4 or the Fire version dependent on the grade you require.

The DualCom are now available with a WorldSIM® included. The WorldSIM® provides installers with near 100% radio coverage by utilising all major UK mobile networks, offering maximum performance.

BT RedCare

Redcare is a market-leading specialist in secure, monitored communications services, which help customers to benefit from automated, intelligent decisions and responses. With over 25 years of experience, Redcare is recognised as having a world leading platform for connecting, controlling and managing data, serving some of the largest organisations in the world.

There are two types of RedCare, the single path Classic which just uses the BT phone line to communicate and the GSM version which uses both Phone line and the O2 mobile network, providing a dualpath signalling system. As BT RedCare uses the phone line as its primary path this line is monitored at the exchange for integrity, and any faults are reported to key holders.

CSL Dualcom Digi-Air

The Digi-Air is a low cost monitoring system classified as grade 2 single path, it is aimed at the low to medium risk situations, the Digi-Air is a GPRS system fitted with a world SIM, and is small enough to fit into most panels. A major benefit of this unit; is that it doesn’t require a phone line, therefore making it ideal for sites that do not have access to telephone lines, such as Pavilions, Golf club greens sheds, Farm buildings, Churches etc.