The GCSpro 2000 is a two door controller extending to a total of sixteen doors via GCSpro door stations. In turn up to 128 GCSpro 2000s may be networked via a PC interface to facilitate up to 2000 doors. The GCSpro 2000 can be configured and maintained standalone or through GCSWin pro PC software. The GCSpro 2000 may be networked via RS485 interface.

Main Features

  • 2 door controller expandable to 16 doors using GCSpro door stations
  • 20,000 users
  • 1,024 user groups
  • networkable to 2,000 doors
  • PC connection using serial (RS232) port or RS485 (RS485 to serial converter required)
  • serial port may be used to connect a printer
  • “Clock & Data” and “Wiegand” format readers
  • supports GCSpro-X & 3rd party readers
  • requires 12 volt DC supply
  • stores 5,000 log events
  • monitored tamper of mains present
  • programmable inputs & outputs
  • each door has a 5amp, 30 volt DC lock relay and a 1amp, 24 volt DC alarm relay

Basic software is supplied with all our installations, this allows the client to manage all doors and users with an easy windows based interface, the software also has badging facilities displaying photo ID of user gaining access.