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Official safety, warning and emergency signs

Legislation and Regulations require that permanent fire safety signs are required to identify prohibitions, warnings and mandatory requirements, the location of emergency escape routes and first aid facilities. Any non-automatic fire fighting equipment provided is easily accessible, simple to use and indicated by signs. Signs must be cleaned, maintained, checked, repaired and if necessary replaced on a regular basis to ensure they remain effective.

GCS Fire & Security stock a large range of fire and safety signs, and all our rigid signs are photoluminescent to a standard rated at LLL, i.e. the pigments used in the manufacture of the LLL signs allows a quick storage of energy even in places where the light levels are reduced (minimum 25 lux). The photoluminescent properties are above those required by all international and national standards.

If your not sure what signs you legally need or where they should be placed, call us today for advice or to arrange a site visit. 01255 220316.