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IP Systems

Over the last 12 months we have seen a lot more interest in IP cameras and NVR recorders as people become more aware of the flexibility and image quality these cameras can produceā€¦.. but beware! Most of the smaller security providers tend to use cheap imported lookalikes, which are very basic and HD operating in 720P at 1.3 mega pixel; these cameras work perfectly fine but with limited performance.

Hear at GCS we pride ourselves in only providing Good Quality Systems.

All our cameras operate in 1080P HD and the lowest resolution we use is 2.4 mega pixel, ranging up to 12.0 mega pixel, the average being 5.0 mega pixel.

The advantages of IP Systems over standard systems is there flexibility. The camera only requires a single small cat5e cable to supply power and signal, therefore easy to run and less obtrusive than both coax and power cables.

If you already have a network in place with spare capacity the jobs half done !

Fully functional PTZ cameras are also available in the IP range, this one has a 20 x optical lens and built in IR illuminators up to a range of 100 meters, it has a continuous pan of 360 degrees and can look down to the ground. A true day night camera with IR cut filter.

Digital Recorders, otherwise known as NVR’s (network video recorders), come in a range of sizes from a basic 4 channel unit to a 32 channel unit.

Most of them come with built in POE facilities (power over Ethernet). Image storage capacity can be calculated on the number of cameras, recording time required and the appropriate hard drives fitted. They range from 1TB – 24TB.

Another advantage is the ability to remotely view live images on your mobile phone or tablet, from anywhere, all you need is a Wi-Fi connection or a 4G service.