Emergency Lighting Maintenance

What is Emergency Lighting Testing?

Emergency Lighting Testing is for the purpose of ensuring that the lighting in your workplace and communal areas works in an emergency. They are designed to guide employees, visitors and customers to safety in the event of power loses.

Most Emergency Lighting Systems have dedicated test switches so that maintenance can be carried out without disruption to the entire premises.


What can you expect from us?

We provide maintenance contracts for all types of emergency and auxiliary lighting; this can be carried out while onsite completing other services such as the fire alarm system helping to save costs.

We aim to take the stress of carrying out the time-consuming maintenance tests. We will ensure they are correctly functioning and report any defects immediately for corrections.

We carry out tests on all the key components of your Emergency Lighting System, from the key switches, batteries, tubes, to checking the battery control systems.

There are two mandatory tests a year required 1 hr and 3hr also a flick test monthly if required. we would be isolating the supply to the lights under test and confirming that they maintain their specified duration i.e. 1 hour or 3 hours depending on the unit.  You would then receive a report the same day with any advisories.