Intruder Maintenance

We are an NSI Gold Company and have been since 1994!


For an Intruder alarm to fully comply with the British Standard EN50313-1 it needs to have a current maintenance contract in force and be maintained regularly by that provider.

For Audible only alarm systems this requires one visit per year. For Police signalling systems the requirement is two visits per year at six monthly intervals.


The purpose of a maintenance is to ensure that your alarm system is in good working order, so it continues to protect your property and satisfies any insurance regulations.

A basic maintenance contract includes free telephone assistance during normal office hours, access to a 24-hour emergency call service with reduced charges and either one or two visits to site depending on the system type to carry out a full health check.

Things we would check for:

  • Any failed alarms not logged or reported
  • Check all Batteries, panel, bell and detectors
  • Check mains and standby currents
  • Check and clean all detectors
  • Check system is fully operational
  • Check that the customers contact details if used in the system are up to date
  • Check all flexible connections where possible
  • Not Just Shine and Sign!